Tooth Fairy Mobile

Kids lose teeth. But wait, they grow back. Some of them at least. So far all our kids teeth have been lost without the help of pavements, baseball bats or skateboards. I found this interesting link to the traditions of losing teeth- it’s loaded with witches, magic and superstitions- When a Catanzaro boy loses a tooth he naturally puts it under his pillow along with is birthday fairy book. In the morning, he wakes up to a little poem penned by the birthday fairy along with a little trinket like a crystal or wooden figure. These trinkets will be put onto a homemade wooden mobile which hangs above their bed. So far 3 of our kids have lost teeth. I made Theo’s mobile this week out of his old Longaberger lunch basket lid which was beyond repair. They take a beating going to school everyday. It’s nice that I can recycle part of the basket.

Using a cloud shape as a template I cut it out with a coping saw or jig saw. I then use a carving knife and rasp to go over some areas which were difficult with the saw.

I put a 1″ long notch in the middle of each cloud. This is where they connect to each other and form the apex for the mobile. Then it’s sand, sand, and sand. First with 80 grit, then with 150 grit, and finally with 220 grit.

Now it’s time to drill 2 holes on the bottom cloud. These I thread with clear fishing line or nicely colored thread. This will enable the mobile to hang at its apex. I then drill holes at random where the fairy trinkets will hang. I usually start with about 10 or 12. You can drill more later if needed. Clean out drill holes with horsetail plant. I learned about natural sandpaper from Yo Takimoto who teaches Japanese wood carving @ Tortoise in Venice. With my index finger and thumb I lastly apply a finish of beeswax and mineral oil, let it absorb into wood and buff out with a clean soft cloth. Repeat this step a minimum of three times.

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